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Feature: 50 Reasons why you need it P2

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47. Love Fist
Will our favourite scuzz-rockers and
all-round neo-reprobates Love Fist be making a triumphant comeback after years in the studio putting the finishing touches to their third killer album? Or will they have split to go solo? Has Jezz actually kept off the smack, avoided an overdose and escaped the clutches of the Epsilon Program cult?

48. Radio Days
The role of the radio was absolutely crucial to the whole GTA III experience, so we fully expect some old stations to make a return to the airwaves, including Head Radio, Rise FM and Lips 106 FM. Top of the list must go to Flashback 95.6 and DJ Toni, who's choice of music aptly included the soundtrack to Scarface.

49. Soundtrack
A GTA soundtrack is as important to the game as how it looks. What would Vice City be without A Flock of Seagulls? The music made the missions timeless and addictive. So what can we expect in GTA IV? The trailer uses the track Pruitt-Igoe by Philip Glass, who has worked with Bowie and Eno. Glass is a modern-day Morricone as celebrated for his film scores as he is for influencing Coldplay. Add in some modern tunes from the likes of The Strokes plus a custom soundtrack option, and we could be rocking this party.


50. The cast
GTA III's killer talent included Michael Madsen, Michael Rapaport, Joe Pantoliano and Kyle MacLachlan. So who should be in GTA IV? We want to see...

Jerry Seinfeld: What's more 'New York' than the millionaire behind America's most popular show?

Danny DeVito: A chance to revive his seedy, morally corrupt Taxi persona would be perfect.

John Travolta: He's still got all the moves and enough baggage to bring weight to any GTA mobster.

Jean Reno: Reno would give a French take on Rockstar's pastiche of American life.

Konstantin Khabensky: The Russian star of Night Watch would make a great Mafia boss.

Carl (CJ) Johnson: Young Maylay, the star of San Andreas which was set before GTA III, may return.

Kyle MacLachlan: He played rich kid Donald Love, a key character from GTA III and a powerful businessman. Love's an ideal candidate for Mayor and a killer trader on Wall Street.

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