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The hugely anticipated trailer crashed the internet as fans the world over clamoured to see the next-gen GTA. It may have been a teaser but it was laced with clues that show what an incredible cocktail of gangstas, violence and saucy innuendo Rockstar have in store for us...

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A rundown corner of this district of the city will be your first home, sharing with your brother Roman, while you work your way up the career ladder. Perhaps you could even set up your own bloc party - streaming music direct to the game's revellers via the custom soundtrack and your PS3's hard drive. That would be pretty cool.


27. Trading Places?
Here's some more Wall Street antics to think about. Imagine that midway through the game you enter a mission that strips you of your money and position, leaving you destitute and roaming the streets trying to work out how it all went so wrong. The aim would be to track down your swapee, nab back your riches and be gently moved by the moral of the story - just like in our all-time favourite Wall Street movie, Trading Places.

28. American Psycho
Of course, what would a pastiche of New York's rich be without a slice of American Psycho? We'd imagine GTA IV will borrow some of the new stealth technology developed for Manhunt 2 to introduce a yuppie serial killer to the city. How about a vigilante trawl of the city's rich list - sneaking up on the psycho killer as he lectures his prey on the merits of Phil Collins while poised to sink a gleaming stainless steel axe deep into his skull?

29. Crime and punishment
Rockstar has spent more time researching crime for this sequel. After speaking with many crime experts, it appears being a criminal is harder these days than back in the '80s and '90s. This transfers to GTA IV with a larger, more intelligent police force and it's likely we'll be seeing plenty of NPCs being arrested in streets for petty crime, too - just to give that feeling of being in a real, living world.

30. Build the Dream
Develop your own skyscrapers, and buy, build or customise your own tower blocks so every resident of Liberty City knows who's the new daddy in town. Of course, these landmarks could have more realistic uses, such as running Godfather-style shootouts across the rooftops and down fire escapes. Hopefully, base-jumping should return from San Andreas, and Worms-style rooftop multiplayer battles should make online play essential. Now where did we put that luger?


31. Shoreside Lift Bridge
Some eagle-eyed detail-spotters may have noticed a cable car moving across the bridge featured in the trailer. Originally we believed this to be a PS3 incarnation of the Shoreside Lift Bridge from GTA III's Liberty City; however, it's more likely to be a recreation of the Manhattan Bridge, or the Algonquin Bridge in GTA IV. We can expect this to connect the Manhattan-like bustle of Algonquin to the leafy suburbs of Alderney (Shoreside Vale in GTA III). This would also suggest the return of Francis International Airport; maybe you shouldn't cancel that ticket to Vice City after all. Maybe you can fly abroad.

32. The Population
Part of getting to grips with every new GTA game means learning to live with the freaks and creeps that populate each new episode. The recently released trailer shows Liberty City is packed with life. These new pedestrians carry their groceries and books - this suggests that ploughing through them will result in a mess of squashed fruit and torn pages.

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