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Halo 3 Beta: first official movie

Multiplayer beta mayhem courtesy of the admirable Mr Jukes

With early press access to the Halo 3 multiplayer beta in full swing (we received our code last night and have been fraggin' away like the merry bejesus and top fun it is too), the first official movie from the game has hit the net courtesy of one of Bungie's own testers, the admirable Mr Jukes.

Taken from both internal alpha and beta phases, there's some top quality Halo 3 stuff to see in this Betalicious movie and none of it any of that shaky cam malarkey you'll find on YouTube either.

Nope this is the official real deal and top quality it is to behold too, so being the nice chaps that we are we thought we'd share. We won't spoil too much for you as a picture tells a thousand words etc. but definitely check out Lazr Cat's sequence at the end, Mawr Spartan Lazr rockz!

You can also check out the admirable Mr Jukes experiences by reading a small but rather interesting interview over on

See you for some Halo 3 fragging this Wednesday, we - especially Gav, who's dedicated himself to a 48 beta marathon this weekend - will be waiting.