Win World in Conflict closed Beta places!

1000 closed beta places up for grabs, right here, right now....

Okay the waiting's over and now's your chance to win yourself a place on the closed beta of World in Conflict Massive Entertainment epic new real-time strategy title, which allows you to explore one of the most intriguing 'What If' scenarios in modern gaming.

Armchair generals will rejoice at a chance to command in this epic recreation of what might have happened if the Cold War had turned a whole lot hotter, with US and NATO forces taking on the might of the old Soviet army in an invasion of America's heartland and Western Europe.

We've already sampled some WiC's many and splendid delights and with both single- and multiplayer offerings performing like true five star generals, we've no hesitation in recommending it as one of this year's premier Games For Windows star performers, so much so in fact, it's already established itself in our PC Most Wanted list.


But with the full game coming out later this year, your first chance to sample World in Conflict's exceptional strategic action comes in the form of the closed beta which kicks off early next month and we've teamed up with both Massive and Vivendi to offer you lucky CVG readers the first and only chance to sample the game.

These 1000 beta places are hotter than the hottest of hot cakes served in the lower halls of hades and demand for a place on the closed beta is sure to be high, so we thought the only fair way to distribute them to budding commanders is to get you to answer the following simple question.

Everyone who gets the correct answer then goes into a draw from our generalissimo's hat on May 24th after which winners will be notified with a full set of instructions on how to join the game.

So hand hovering over the big red button, here's the question and best of luck!