Awesome MoH: Airborne preview video

EA demonstrates its unique parachuting mechanic that lets you start a level from anywhere

Medal of Honor: Airborne hopes to evolve the WWII FPS genre by allowing you to parachute down into levels landing anywhere you please, and EA explains how it all works in this cool new footage.

It looks brilliant - you can attack a the levels from anywhere you please. You can land on roofs, in dark and secluded alleyways or, if you've got real balls, plonk yourself directly onto the enemy headquarters and take them all on single-handed.

There are so many WWII shooters out these days, but it looks like EA could be onto a winner with this one.

Airborne will be touching down on 360, PS3 and PC on August 31. Click the thumbnail to the right to see the shiny new footage.

[Source: xboxyde]