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Dewy's Advenuture

Konami's tilty platformer is one step closer to release, but

In keeping with their watery theme, Konami have been drip feeding factoids about their upcoming tilt-the-levels-to-make-the-hero-slide-around adventure.

Being a water droplet Dewy can't throw a punch. He's trained in the ways of aggressive nudging but only when he's built up sliding momentum. For foes needing more than a wet splat for a takedown, Dewy needs to toughen up, or more precisely, harden up. Freeze the environments and floors grow frosty, the TV screen crystallises and Dewy's blobby uselessness becomes icicle-sharp whomping ability.

Slippery stuff
The downside? Dewy's aqueous agility - hard enough to control in his solid state - grows nightmarishly loose. Platform negotiation? Forget it. Dewy's slipperiness makes Monkey Ball's pixel-perfect tilt-tweaking look like the brainchild of Friction McFriction the friction wholesaler.

Too much movement is the curse of frozen Dewy and no movement at all is the bane of gassy Dewy. Heating him evaporates him into cloud form but you can forget any Wordsworthian lonely wandering: without wind you aren't going anywhere.2 Instead you stun enemies with lightning before solidifying and vanquishing them with icy barging.

Hot/cold shifting is the key to Dewy's puzzles. A giant chameleon boss gets so much easier once you've frozen his bulbous tongue to the floor. And that pond Dewy kept getting absorbed into? Not a problem in solidified ice-rink form. A few simple shoot-lightning-at-this-switch-type puzzles look set to disappoint, but we have faith in Konami's ability to keep things fresh - just look at the fine job they did with Eledees.

Liberating Dewy's pals from the mucky dark water is the aim of the day, and with hundreds of companions to track down an Eledees-esque grading system, it stands to judge your slurping and add replay value. Factor in a slightly mad-looking four-player mode - an arena-based item grab-fest, droplet-until-you-drop if you will - and it looks as if Konami continue to slowly but surely flood the market with quality titles.