Awesome Halo 3 glitche movie

Go places and do things you shouldn't. It's half the fun of Halo

Remember those home-made Halo videos of people using grenades and other crazy techniques to launch the Warthog hundreds of feet through the air? We expected the same from Halo 3 too, but not THIS soon.

The Beta demo has been available to the public for but a few hours and already a group of crazy, glitch-finding ninjas have picked through it and released videos showing them reaching parts of the levels you thought were unreachable.

They use all manner of wacky but cleverly-executed techniques - like hoping off each other's shoulders, using the explosions of grenades and the Spartan Laser to gain extra height and even the Grav Lift to get to small ledges high above the action.

Check out their crazy skills here on GameTrailers, but we don't want to see anyone using these techniques to cheat during matches.

There's no giant football though - a hidden secret left for meddling gamers to discover in Halo 2 - but we're hoping there'll be some cool hidden treats in the full game when it launches on September 26.

Play fair now, guys.