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Last chance for Lara love

Exclusive compo to be first to play new Tomb Raider closes today. Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Do you want to get your hands on Lara Croft before anyone else? Steady on the phnarr phnaars there, that's not what we mean. No, what we're offering is a chance to play with Lara before anyone, a last chance for some Lara lovin', a ...oh hell this is useless. we're descending into double and possibly even treble (trouble?) entendre land and it's only 10.00 o'clock in the morning.

Okay we'll give it one more go, Tomb Raider Anniversary - it's great, being the thoroughly modern remake of Lara's first adventure on the PSOne and we're giving you a chance to play the splendid PS2 remake early!

Yup CVG and Eidos have teamed up to offer one lucky Tomb Raider fan and up to three Lara-nutty friends the chance to go hands-on with the upcoming PS2 version, Lara Croft Tomb Raider Anniversary before anyone else.

The winner - picked today out of our big hat of justice - will be shipped off the Eidos' swanky London HQ to play Lara's latest on May 22 - three days before it actually hits the shops.

The winner will then be treated to a tour of Eidos' plush offices before leaving with a promotional copy of the game and as much Lara swag they can get their hands on (go for the TR mugs - they're great and hold a surprising amount of hot beverage).

Anyway the reason we mention all this is that the compo closes today around about lunchtime to early afternoon (to keep things mysterious), so we can inform the winner in plenty of time and they can prepare for a dose of Lara loving.

So want to take part? Unsheath your grapples and hit this link to swing on over to our competition for a chance to enter. Time is ticking and your chances for some Lara loving are diminishing with every second.

Bon chance!