Sinister new Dark Sector screens

Flesh-cutting glaive? Check. Demonic arm? Check. Flashlight? D'oh!

These are the latest moody shots of Dark Sector, a sinister slash-'em-up featuring that distinctive glaive weapon.

The lethal tri-bladed boomerang-style weapon is at the centre of what makes Dark Sector interesting - not only can it be thrown for long-range attacks or used close-up to slash open and decapitate enemies, but it can also absorb and then spit out fire, electricity and other elemental powers.

This opens up the possibilities for some clever puzzles, as you mix different elemental powers to overcome obstacles, but also gives you a few more interesting ways to waste the bad guys.


As you can see from these screens, the sinister tone of the game will have you creeping through some ominously dark environments, with all manner of deformed creatures lurking, ready to tear your face off.

Check out our interview with product manager, Josh Austin, who told us all about how the game will work and how this dark game was weirdly influenced by the bright and colourful Zelda.

Then check out the brutal video here.