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The Week Ahead - 25/05/07

Feature: It could be worse, like last week

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Shadowhearts: From the New World (PS2)

Officially this is the third in the Shadowhearts series and it shares all the comedic weirdness of its predecessors. While graphically it's certainly nothing special there's a charm about the game that makes it compelling. The story involves detective work, mystical monsters and portals snatching people out of the air and transporting them to other worlds. With plenty of surreal side quests and quirky characters this is probably one for the faithful - but if you're in an RPG rut at the moment it should be worth trying. And if American reviews are anything to go by this is one of the most hilarious RPGs in history...



Go! Camera (PSP)

More of a toy than a practical device Go! Camera is nevertheless a fun and cheap way to take videos and snaps of your mates in compromising positions. It can store around two hours of video and 40,000 photos (using a 4GB Memory Stick) and has a built in microphone to ensure continuous audio recording. The only downside is that the resolution is only 1.3 megapixel which is lower than most decent mobile phone cameras. Available at for £29.99.

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