The 101 best PC games ever, part four

Best PC games: And number one is?... We're biting our nails...

Let's compile a list of the best PC games of all time! It sounds like a bit of fun, doesn't it? Easy. If only we'd known. Here's the final part of the feature which we've spread over a number of days. It has taken the PC Zone team weeks of heated discussions, office arguments, late-night drunken text messages and email abuse to whittle down the PC's entire 20-plus year output of games into just 101 titles - and that's before it even started thinking about number one...

However, the dust has finally settled, the swearing silenced and here we are - PC Zone's 101 Best PC Games Ever. Enjoy this, the final instalment which runs down from 25 to the one that takes all the glory. For the rest of the list featuring the crème de la crème of PC gaming, hit the links below. And don't forget to let us know if you agree or disagree by hitting the comments field below...

Previous instalments you may have missed:

25. Diablo II
YEAR 2000: The dungeon crawler par excellence, Diablo II is for many still untopped in the realms of fantasy hack-and-slash. There's no denying the repetitive gameplay, but the devil of Diablo was in the intricate character stats - the bigger, better weapons and the endless quest for self-improvement. Add random generation, high production values and the marvel that was battle.net and you get a game that may never be surpassed.

24. Call Of Duty
YEAR 2003: More Nazis? Oh go on then... From developers split from the MOH: Allied Assault team came another title to raise the WWII shooter bar into the stratosphere. From aerial insertion into France to a dread-filled river crossing before the smoking ruins of Stalingrad, the tension rarely relented - and when it did you'd usually been killed.

23. Baldur's Gate II: Shadows Of Amn
YEAR 2000: From the RPG masters at BioWare, BGII truly felt as if you were living an adventure through a real world. Romance, deceit, your own stronghold digs and weighty decision-making were just as important as stabbing vampires in the heart. There was so much detail that it just boggled the mind.

22. Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic
YEAR 2003: Here's what happens when RPG heroes BioWare raid George Lucas's cupboard: the best Star Wars game ever. Set thousands of years before Luke Skywalker was even a twinkle in Anakin's evil eyes, KOTOR was a sprawling RPG with fantastic characters (assassin droid HK-47 was unmissable) and genuinely intriguing missions. Persuade an escaped droid to return to the mourning widow who'd taken to humping him as a replacement for her dead husband, or tell her to stop being mental? The choice is yours! With a third act twist better than all the prequels combined, it was a meatbag-delighting work of art.

21. Fallout
YEAR 1997: A candidate for 'brownest game ever' (along with Quake I and II), Fallout was also an intricately written jaunt through sex, violence, drug addiction and hulking green mutants in a world where the bomb has dropped. Gripping storyline, strong characters and even a few Monty Python references if you looked hard enough...

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