Kurikin Nano Island

Under today's microscope: why you should be down with the sickness

Look, let's not be clever or cute here - the key to understanding what Kurikin Nano Island is all about is to think of it as Pokémon with bacteria. That's right; as a student at the Nano Academy, you'll be tottering around the island in a search for around 100 strains of bacterium that, once captured, can be used in combat.

But this is more than just a clone, binary fissioned from Pokémon's original cell. That much is clear as soon as you engage in your first battle, because from there it has more in common with an RTS. The touch screen displays an overhead view of the battle arena, which can be zoomed in and out as your eyes desire. You control a whole heap o' germs at the same time, circling them with the stylus to select groups to galvanise into action and directing them towards their target by drawing pathways. Want to cancel your orders? Then you can by - brace yourselves - blowing into the mic to dissipate your cluster of troops. Brr.

Different strains self-replicate at different speeds, so you'll have to make sure you target the right enemies from the get go, or you could find yourself surrounded by more germs than your average primary school teacher. It's looking pretty nifty indeed - check out our full review next issue.