Archime DS

Oogiri. Said the jittery fire eater after yet another mishap

Oogiri. It's even fun to type. Oogiri. Oogiri. Ahh, yes, sorry - you're probably wondering what we're talking about. Oogiri is a Japanese game similar in concept to our very own Picto-Art Attack (see page 109). One guy - let's call him the 'quizmaster' - poses a question or challenge, and the others endeavour to answer it as best they can.

Now, said question could literally be anything. 'Who would win in a fight between an octopus and two squids?', 'Draw the abstract concept of fairness' 'Make a noise like a 1988 Austin Metro backfiring'. All these are valid questions in Oogiri. The winner is decided between the other players, who award each other points based on how creative/thought-provoking/well-illustrated or covertly threatening their answers were. It's all very diplomatic and civilised and Japanese, and a world away from the equivalent English 'games' such as knock down ginger
and happy slapping.

Which eventually leads us to Archime DS. This is the DS version of the word we've already imprinted on your brain. And there's not really much more to say than that really, except to point out that if your knees are a-knocking in fear that this is little more than a trumped-up Pictochat, then we kinda see where you're coming from - especially with no Wi-Fi in the pipeline. But! Route 24's top man is Kenichi Nishi, who can put the likes of Chibi-Robo! and Mario RPG on his CV. If he can't jazz this up, who can? Best answer wins.