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Wii peripherals get more ridiculous by the day

LCD TV screen shields and boomerang controller cases emerge from the realm of pointless peripherals

Peripherals for the Wii have come to be a total comedy show. You've got cheap bat-shaped controller cases, theoretically flawed gun attachments and USB-powered cooling fans that do the same job the Wii's internal fans do more than sufficiently.

And they keep on coming. A Taiwanese company called Lcdarm is putting into production an LCD TV screen shield (pictured), designed to protect TVs from Wii Remote flung by over-excited idiots playing Wii Sports. We mean, would you really go to such lengths to safeguard your TV from your own potential idiocy? Plus it looks silly.

Then you have the (also pictured) Gametech-produced boomerang shape controller case, for those who want their Wii Remote to feel more like a deformed PlayStation controller. It looks about as comfortable a kick in the nut sack.

More pointless Wii peripherals to come, we expect.