Prove your Pro Evo skills

PES 6 tour comes to London's Oxford Street next week, with prizes for best

Attention badass PES players (that's good PES players, not the loudest, PSW); the HMV PES tour is coming to London's Oxford Street next week, where you can actually put your virtual footy skills to the test.

On Friday June 1 HMV's Oxford Circus brand will be running hourly Xbox 360 tournaments, the winner of which will nab a price - which we're told alternates from stop to stop on the tour (it could well be a PES Parker pen for all we know).

Each hourly event is capped at 16 players. If you're up for it you can register your interest over on the PES Rankings website.

Oh and if you do get selected for the tournament, try and keep that swearing to a minimum, will you?