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Mario Strikers Charged Football

Review: Anger-inducing family football

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It's a good job, then, that this game marks the launch of the Wii's online multiplayer service, and you'll be able to play ranked and unranked friendly matches against other players, but only within Europe (which is a tad lame, we think, seeing as the internet stretched worldwide last time we checked). The manual warns that if you add a friend code for someone that lives outside Europe, excessive lag will make the game unplayable. Not ideal, but online gaming at least means you'll always have a human to play against.

Mario Strikers Charged is just what you'd expect - a crazy arcade bash that's great fun for groups of friends. It looks decent, plays solidly and is well-polished. But the fast-paced, unruly gameplay feels shallow and can be more frustrating than it is fun. It's the sort of game that makes you feel cheated when you lose, and when you win you don't really know why because you did the same thing you did last time.

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The verdict

Shallow and frequently frustrating but the fast-paced gameplay makes for a fun multiplayer experience.

Nintendo Wii
Football, Action