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Footy goes MMO

Football Superstars kicks off your virtual footy career

The MMO has become one of the most popular forms of modern gaming, so it was probably only a matter of time before someone hooked it up with our other national pastime, nope, not drinking or indeed vandalism, but footy soccer ball.

So welcome to Football Superstars, a brand new and self-explanatory entitled MMO from Nottingham's Monumental Games which is being published by CyberSports and is based in the hurly burly world of the modern professional footy player.

But this is no Premiership with its lurid tales of dogging, roasting and three (and sometimes more) -in-a-Jacuzzi antics. Nope, this a pure fantasy footballing utopia where you take control of guiding a single pro's career from humble journeyman to proper Beckham-a-like superstardom.


Playing online in three-, five-, seven- and eleven-a-side matches, you'll develop your playing skills, work your way up the ladder to join the biggest clubs and take part in all the biggest leagues, events and tournaments. A full persistent footballing universe awaits and off the pitch you'be living the superstar lifestyle, with cars, outrageous amounts of bling and possibly even page three stunnas (although these last features are unconfirmed and purely an invention of our own fevered imaginations).

We've uploaded the first concept image of Football Superstars for your perusal and will soon undertake a scouting mission to discover more, but for the moment we'll leave you with the words of Rik Alexander, Monumental's CEO who says, "Football SuperStars will capture both the magic of the beautiful game on the pitch and also to bring football lifestyle elements like fame, fortune and glory to the table. We're hoping to capture the game's passion and bring it together in a virtual world where players can literally live, breathe and eat football."