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Exclusive Geometry Wars Wii Interview

Interview: Senior producer reveals all to CVG

Both Xbox and Nintendo fans were shocked earlier this week when it emerged that Geometry Wars, the awesome arcade shooter that's made its home on Xbox Live Aracde, is making its way to DS and Wii.

As well as remakes of Geometry Wars Evolved, the new game, entitled Geometry Wars: Galaxies, will also pack a brand new, fully-fledge single-player campaign. Intrigued? So were we.

Being the lovers of GW that we are, we immediately got in contact with Vivendi Games' senior producer on the project, Roger Carpenter, who told us what to expect from the new Nintendo-bound editions of the series.


We've also got three exclusive screenshots for you too. Make sure you check them out.

Geometry Wars has, until now, established Xbox as its home platform. Why has Bizarre/Kuju chosen to bring the series to Nintendo platforms?

Carpenter: The timing and concept were perfectly aligned. The Geometry Wars gameplay and appeal works on many levels and over a huge age range. The current Nintendo platforms seem to be king and queen of that broad appeal, so hats off to Bizarre for wanting to take their game to that audience.

This will have people pondering the possibility of Geometry Wars appearing on PS3, too. How likely is that?

Carpenter: Geometry Wars is Bizarre's intellectual property. I can't comment on what else they might do with it on other platforms. What I can say is that Geometry Wars: Galaxies is a Nintendo exclusive!

The crucial factor is obviously the controls; how will both the DS and Wii controls work?

Roger Carpenter: Both Wii and DS provide great control alternatives to the dual analogue stick set up - that's one of the reasons we went for the concept.

The Remote/Nunchuk and the stylus are very fluid and accurate. We're seeing people used to the Nintendo control methods, reaching very respectable scores within a few attempts. With those who are new to Nintendo's controls, we've seen the same progression and improvement as on the 360. And, yes, its still classic 2D gameplay all the way!

How have you adapted the game concept to accommodate a full single-player campaign?

Carpenter: We've adapted what was a classic 'coin-feeder' to a much more varied and structured game. In comparison to Retro Evolved it's huge. Think galaxies, solar systems and planets all ripe for exploration and you'll get an idea of how it'll all work.


The single-player game will introduce an all new currency and the need to plan your battle tactics prior to the fight!

Can we expect to see any new enemies or weapons?

Carpenter: Oh yes. More details later.

It has been revealed that the games will feature a multiplayer mode. Can you tell us more about this?

Carpenter: Both Wii and DS support two-player multiplayer. Wii is two-player on one console. DS is Wi-Fi with game-share (single-cart play). We're aiming for around four modes for each format including one unique mode for each format too. There's no online multiplayer included in these versions, though.

How alike will the included versions of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved on Wii and DS be to the Xbox 360 original, gameplay and graphics wise?

Carpenter: They're absolutely perfect in terms of gameplay. Visually the DS can't match the resolutions of the 360, but we're confident that the Wii version won't disappoint.

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