New Fallout 3 image released

There's just one week to go until the teaser trailer goes live

The Fallout 3 website has been updated with a new piece of concept art ahead of the teaser trailer going live. You can see the new shot of art right here.

At time of writing there's about a week to go until the teaser goes live and we've still got no idea what it might contain, though we're hardly expecting a massive reveal. The only concrete news to come from the Fallout camp is that Liam 'Jedi Knight' Neeson will voice the lead role. "This role was written with Liam in mind, and provides the dramatic tone for the entire game," said executive producer Todd Howard.

Word has it that a few magazines are off to see the game so hopefully we shouldn't have to wait too long to see what direction Bethesda is taking the franchise. In the meantime, check out the new image and hold tight for the reveal.