McGee takes Grimm's fairy tales episodic

American McGee turning the classic tales into action-adventures with same twisted treatment as Alice

American McGee's Grimm is the videogame adaptation of the Brothers Grimm's classic fairy tales and will debut on PC in spring 2008.

McGee is turning the fairy tales into narrative-driven action-adventures, which will be delivered in episodic form. We're expecting to see the stories - such as Rapunzel, Rumplestiltskin, Little Red Riding Hood, and Snow White - given the same weird and twisted treatment witnessed in his game Alice.

"Players will experience the game in a sandbox world which contains missions assigned in episodic fashion. Game and narrative concepts equivalent to TV cliffhangers will be used to create game play and story interest to encourage players to keep up with new releases", explains GameTap, which will digitally distribute the episodes.

American McGee promises that his interpretation of the classic Grimm tales "will provide gamers with an entertaining and interactive way of experiencing how the stories were originally meant to unfold".