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PSP firmware updated for new PS3 features

Version 3.50 goes live, bringing PSP's Remote Play features in line with its bigger brother

A new version of the PSP firmware, version 3.50, is now available, updating PSPs Remote Play capabilities.

Last week Sony updated the PS3 firmware (version 1.8) to support Remote Play over the internet, meaning you can control your PS3 (with a PSP) from anywhere in the world so long as you have access to wireless internet. But the option to actually do that on the PSP has been absent, until now.

Don't get too excited, Remote Play should really be called Remote Look or Remote Listen, because it only allows you to access media (music, pictures, videos) stored on your PS3, not play its games through your PSP.

The RSS menu has also been given a small tweak, now boasting an RSS Channel Guide, for the RSS n00bs out there.

If you've got wireless internet you can update your PSP directly by going to the Update System option on the XMB. Otherwise you can download it straight from Sony by clicking here, and transfer the file to your PSP via USB cable.