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Company of Heroes goes DirectX 10

Patch updates and improves overall image quality, says THQ. See for yourself with a new movie, we say

A new update for Relic's critically acclaimed WWII RTS Company of Heroes that's been released introduces the game to Microsoft's DirectX 10.

Accompanying the 13Mb update is a movie showing the visual difference the latest version of DirectX makes to the game. You can view it in our video player, and you should be able to grab the update here.

In addition, nVidia has released a new version of its Vista driver which it describes as "the perfect match for the new COH DX10 patch". Highlights of the new version of the driver along with a download link have been posted up on an official nVidia developer blog.

We've not checked out the update for ourselves yet, but if you're running Vista and have the hardware to support DirectX 10 let us know what you reckon in the comments field below.