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Two sweet Colin McRae videos

High-quality footage of the impressive physic in Codemasters' latest offroader

Colin McRae: Dirt not only looks the absolute nuts, but Codemasters has gone all out with the physics, too, and is showing off its fancy work.

In these two high-res videos you'll see cars wiping out fences, spinning out of control and generally causing all sorts of carnage, giving Codemasters' new physics engine a mighty workout for your viewing pleasure.

If you get off on this technical malarkey, consider what it looks like when it's running in full screen on your telly (or monitor if you're a PC gamer). Or if you've got a 360 hooked up to the internet just download the demo, available on Xbox Live Marketplace now.

Hit the thumbnail to the right to see the footage. The PC and 360 versions are out later this month (PS3 to follow later in the year), so look out for a full review soon.