Wii Remote contains secret microphone

Techie investigation reveals your Wii Remote already contains microphone technology

You've already been waving your Wii Remote around for six months now, but it seems Nintendo could still have one more surprise up their sleeve about the Remote.

There has been much talk of a microphone peripheral in the making to work with games such as High School Musical, which involve voice-activated gameplay. But according to an investigation by CNNMoney
, we could have had that microphone in our hands the whole time because the Wii Remote already contains the technology needed for a mic.

After taking a screwdriver to the Remote, technicians found an audio translator chip, which "converts analogue data such as human speech into a digital data stream".

The article does not reveal whether or not this means that the internal built-in speaker can be used as the input for sound, only concluding that "this feature is unused now, but will probably be employed in future games".

We'll see what Nintendo has to say later this morning.