New Tabula Rasa gameplay footage

Richard Garriott gives us a fresh look at his sci-fi MMORPG

A new Tabula Rasa trailer released features around a minute of in-game footage from the latest MMORPG from Richard Garriott - and his colleagues at Destination Games.

In addition to the trailer - which you can view here - we've an interview with Tabula Rasa producer Starr Long who briefs us on the sci-fi experience, along with new screenshots.

Tabula Rasa whisks us away to a future where cosmic war has broken out. Destination Games has chosen to combine traditional MMORPG elements with fast-paced action, although the developer assures us it's still very much a role-playing game as opposed to a shooter.

"Our game is much more action-oriented and fast-paced than most RPGs, but we're still making an RPG", Starr Long explains in our interview.

"Now in some places it may feel like it, such as in the interface which has a targeting circle in the middle of the screen all the time or weapon trays that cycle the way some shooters do, but this game is an RPG at its core and it will appeal to the gamers who enjoy MMORPGs. The pace will just be faster than what they are accustomed to."

You can read the full interview by hitting this link.