Is Microsoft about to shake things up?

Pondering the chances of motion controls on Xbox 360...

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There's no question that people are buying the Wii in droves, but is Nintendo's audience unique in its lust for more outrageous types of gaming, or does motion control have something to offer Xbox owners as well?

Xbox 360 - The Official Xbox Magazine's online editor, Ryan King, thinks not: "I think Xbox 360 owners like different types of games to Wii," he screamed across the CVG office. "They don't like gimmicky games, they just want games to be games. If you look at motion-control games on Wii, they're either completely different games from what you expect or tacked-on controls on normal games. I think a lot of 360 owners are happy to leave games as they are."

With the exception of Wii Sports, we think most Wii owners would make Mr. King right. PlayStation Network however has looked to be a natural fit for the new control method, so what about Live Arcade? "I think people who buy Live Arcade games are perhaps more casual in their gaming habbits. So maybe motion controls would be appealing for XBLA games," says the OXM website man. Tilt-y Uno for the win.

Whether it be for keeping up with the pack, a genuine vision to continue Nintendo's path, or just to put some shaky controls into Geometry Wars, there are compelling reasons for a motion-sensitive controller for Xbox 360. But will it actually happen? Maybe.

Even if it's just for Live Arcade 'experimental' games, Microsoft has never been shy about releasing accessories even if it's just for a small sector of its userbase (see Xbox 360 keyboard adaptor).

And surely it's only a matter of time until a PS3 or Wii game really makes use of their respective controls systems, and Microsoft won't want to be left in the dust when motion controls offer something truly compelling and not possible on Xbox 360 hardware.

Admittedly when playing catch-up, a stand-alone add-on will never catch on as much as an in-box accessory. But if there's anyone who can make it work it's Microsoft. You only have to look at PSOne's DualShock to see that if it's a worthwhile upgrade, and developers support it, gamers will quickly leave their old pads gathering dust in the cupboard.

When even Bill Gates himself seems to have Wii fever, we can't see the Xbox not incorporating new forms of control in some way - even with the bad taste left by the Vision camera offerings still dancing on MS's pallet.

"Imagine a game machine where you're just going to pick up the bat and swing it or the tennis racket and swing it", said Gates. Not the Wii though, because "You can't pick up your tennis racket. And swing it." Xbox 360 hologram adaptor confirmed.

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