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What are Poké Balls?

... asks the official Smash Bros. site. They're a massive pain in the arse, if these screens are anything to go by

Here we are then; another Super Smash Bros. Brawl website update, and today it's detailing our favourite weapon the Poké Balls.

"When you throw a Poké Ball in Smash, a Pokémon of some sort will appear and come to your aid," says game director and website man Masahiro Sakurai. "They're quite reliable. But you never know which Pokémon is inside a Poké Ball."

"Of course, having this particular Pokémon appear at the most critical of times is in keeping with Murphy's Law." It doesn't matter much for us, because the rest of the office are completely useless at Smash Bros.

As always, look out for more website updates tomorrow.