The Ward gets demented - new screens

Unique DS survival horror gets a name change

Dementium: The Ward, previously known simply as The Ward, is an interesting-looking, first-person survival horror game for DS that has you feeling your way through a dark derelict hospital with nothing but a torch.

You play as an un-named bloke who wakes up to find himself in this demonic hospital which is frozen in time. Heading into the dark corridors, you use the stylus to spot monsters lurking, and search for weapons to take them out with.

"Renegade Kid [the developer] is looking to move above and beyond what most games are attempting on the DS," said Jools Watsham, owner and creative director of Renegade Kid.

"Dementium showcases what a powerful piece of hardware the DS is, while drawing in a mature crowd that's looking for a title they can really sink their teeth into."

The 3D is pretty decent, and it's gory too so this could have potential. A release date is yet to be confirmed. Check out the screens below.