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FIFA 08: First screens

How is the new console generation shaping the look of the latest FIFA game? Here's your answer

FIFA 08 is dribbling over CVG this morning in first screenshots from the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game. Pass mince pies over the images.

EA's making plenty of noise about the latest iteration in the series, saying it "will create a football experience that matches the complexity, finesse and beauty of the real-world game." Wow. The game engine plays a big part in this, according to the publisher delivering animations and ball control that is so responsive you feel like you are actually on the pitch.

It's also making bold claims about the AI, which is says is "so smart" and "features a 35-point decision engine which enables players to process multiple decisions and reactions in real-time."


"The A.I.'s dynamic 'Threat Map' system", EA continues, "captures the excitement and realism of football. Players are now aware of their surroundings, reacting authentically to threats and opportunities to make intelligent football decisions."

Plus, in FIFA 08, we're told, the shooting system is benefiting from improved control and precision thanks to a "next-generation ball-striking engine" that apparently calculates shot success by combining an almost infinite number of different contexts, including ball spin, pressure from defenders, player attributes, and even air pressure to recreate the drama and unpredictable nature of shooting.

Anyway, check out the screenshots and then read our interview on FIFA 08 with EA exec producer Andrew Wilson.