Condemned: Bloodshot art unveiled

Tramps, spooky background shots and some plain old weirdness...

Sega has released the first batch of images for the highly-anticipated Condemned: Bloodshot for PS3 and 360.

Nothing new has been released about the title since Sega announced the game back at the start of May. We're told it'll feature new fighting mechanics and some form of online multiplayer functionality though.

As in the original (which was one of the best 360 launch titles), you'll have to use detective skills to hunt down and catch sadistic serial killers.

With the lack of any actual screenshots forthcoming from Sega, we'll have to make do with drawings. But it's okay, because they're good drawings. We like the one with the guy who looks like he's just ripped his own eyeballs out.

Check 'em out and check back soon for more Condemned: Bloodshot goodness. We loved the first one.