GOW III not even started yet

God of War II director says GOW III won't be the studio's PS3 debut. He even gives us a mention in his blog

Cory Barlog, game director on the awesome God of War II, has updated his blog saying work hasn't even started yet on the PS3 game we all want to see - God of War III.

Back in 2005 - not long after the original launched - we reported on rumours that were coming out of US magazines suggesting that a sequel would appear on PS2 followed by the third in the trilogy launching on PS3.

Barlog has updated his blog mentioning our story (or at least we think he means the 2005 story) with: "As for that CVG rumor...I would have to say that there isn't much truth to any of that...that is really the first I have heard of that. If we do get started on a GOW for PS3 you can be sure I will be screaming about it from the mountain tops the first chance I am allowed. Until then...I am plugging away on my RPG opus 'A Family Ties game'. It is going to be so freaking awesome...awesome to a level that will actually transcend awesome and become something entirely different... freakin LA LAWsome!"

If Sony's not already working on Kratos' PS3 debut, we'll lob all the CVG plates at the fireplace. Barlog also points out that this video on YouTube showing conceptual art for GOW III on PS3 is fake.