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Forza 2 Oxford Street carnage this Friday

Ferrari driving experiences, Xbox 360s and Wireless Racing Wheels up for grabs in launch day race tournies

To help add a little fanfare to its launch day affairs, Microsoft will be holding a Forza Motorsport 2 event at Virgin Megastore Oxford Street this Friday at 11am through to 6pm.

Included in the festivities is a Top Gear-style 'Fastest Lap' competition, giving attendees the opportunity to win a Ferrari driving experience and Xbox 360 along with Forza Motorsport 2 and Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel.

At the event, wannabe racers will also compete to achieve the fastest time, racing a single track and car against other entrants. All lap times will be posted on a leader board throughout the day, ending with a podium prize ceremony to crown the winners.

You can expect CVG's full verdict on Forza 2 tomorrow.