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New GTA IV trailer - details inside!

Rockstar's second internet-breaking GTA IV trailer to debut in 2 weeks time

Hold on to your bandwidth; the next Grand Theft Auto IV trailer is set to explode on to the internet later this month.

A new listing for the second trailer has just appeared on Rockstar's official GTA IV website, pencilling it in for a streaming debut on June 28 - just days after I go on bloody holiday.

Apparently the new video is called "Looking for that special someone", which might have something to do with the new female lead featured on the front cover of Official PlayStation magazine.

Initially you'll be able to find the trailer on the above official website, until we finally manage to get our routers to stop smoking and it'll appear right here on CVG.

Expect all the usual frame-by-frame dissecting and over-the-top speculation the moment the trailer arrives- that's only two weeks away. Now, do Greek holiday apartments have broadband?! What do you want the second trailer to show? Please, let there be some action this time.

The firm has also denied that there's any potential slippage on the cards for GTA IV, after an anylyst suggested Take Two could move the title a few weeks, so it hits its 2008 financial year. Everything's on track people.