The world's greatest female action character

Fiend-hunter Rachel to become the world's greatest female action character, says Tecmo

As the launch of Ninja Gaiden: Sigma gets closer and closer, Tecmo tells CVG big things are expected from Rachel.

We're massive fans of the Ninja Gaiden series here at CVG and we can't wait to dust off our PS3s and get cracking when Sigma launches next month in Europe. We recently caught up with Sigma's director Yosuke Hayashi who was only too happy to tell us about fiend-hunter Rachel.

"Our main goal has been to create a new playable character, the fiend-hunter Rachel, who will be considered 'the world's greatest female action character'," Hayashi told us. "Rachel offers a new and different experience, and through her character, players can enjoy a manoeuvring feel and actions that are completely different from the super Ninja, Ryu Hayabusa's."

World's greatest female action character?

Tecmo is rolling up in London town tomorrow for a special event put on by Eidos in the name of Sigma. Fingers crossed they will have brought Rachel with them. Check back tomorrow for pictures. Seriously!