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American McGee's Oz axed after Atari financial troubles

Ever wondered what actually happened to the dark take on the Wizard of Oz?

A long time ago there was a game called American McGee's Oz in development. It was going to be a dark take on the story, handled by the same person responsible for the twisted remake of Alice. But it never happened. Why? Read on...

American McGee has given an interview to ShackNews about his upcoming title Grimm, which we revealed back at the start of May. Buried within that interview is a quick mention on the non-appearance of American McGee's Oz, which was shaping up nicely judging by the concept art released.

When asked What happened to American McGee's Oz, McGee replied, "Atari/Infogrammes happened. They financed initial production, ran into money trouble, then dropped a bunch of their developers. Oz got the ax and we were never able to revive the project. The film version is still in development."

Read the full interview here.