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Time Crisis shoots up PS3

Port of the fourth arcade game inbound with Guncon 3 in the works

Lightgun arcade shooter, Time Crisis 4, is on the way to PS3, confirming earlier rumours stirred up by US retailers.

According to the latest issue of Japanese Famitsu magazine (via NeoGAF), the PS3 version will contain an AC mode that will be a 100 percent perfect port of the arcade game, which we assume means there'll be no changes to the gameplay or graphics.

It will also pack a Mission mode, although no further details on that have been revealed.

Famitsu also reports that a Guncon 3 (the third iteration of the lightgun used in Time Crisis) is in the works for PS3. We'll be interested to see how it resolves the issue of working with LCD televisions, with which traditional lightguns are completely incompatible.