MotoGP skids onto PS2

No next-gen motorbike racing just yet, then

Capcom, of all publishers, has fired off more info on MotoGP 07. It's being developed by Italian studio Milestone and is aiming for a PS2 release this autumn.

The MotoGP series was white hot on Xbox and especially when played over Xbox Live. But Brighton-based Climax Studio and publisher THQ seem to have washed their hands of the series as we knew it.

Capcom's effort will be officially licensed, so expect all the riders, bikes, teams and tracks from the 2007 season. There'll also be loads of riding aids to keep newcomers to the series upright. From the sounds of it it's shaping up to do all the things we've seen before on Xbox and Xbox 360 (that's a good thing, by the way). It's just strange that it's in the works for PS2 and not next-gen?

Check out a fresh batch of screens.