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16 photos of real-life Rachel

Ninja Gaiden Sigma's Rachel-on-Rachel action inside! Movie too!

Getting to play a final version of Ninja Gaiden Sigma is an attractive proposition, but when we caught wind that a real-life Rachel would be attending Eidos' event today we were there like a shot. Word has it that they flew the outfit in straight from Japan.

So we walk in, trying hard to play it cool, and there she is, donning an outfit that's even skimpier than the one worn by her videogame counterpart. We were pleased.

After 20 excruciating minutes of trying to pretend we weren't starring right at her, we swallowed our pride to take these pics, just for you guys (and CVG Gav).


We even insisted that she play as herself (that's AS, lads, not WITH), which was cool, although she clearly wasn't as much of a ninja as her virtual self. Shame about the hideous flower background too...

You'll be able to try out Ninja Gaiden Sigma for yourself within the next three weeks or so, when the demo is expected to hit the European PS Network ahead of the game's launch in July.