The most exciting update ever...

..if you love videogame crates. Smash Bros. shows off its beats and barrels

We'd be here all day trying to think of a way to make an update about new barrels and crates in Smash Bros sound exciting, but we figure if you're a fan you'll lap up anything about the Nintendo brawler.

So here they are then, screenshots of NEW CRATES! Check this out: where in Smash Bros. Melee the barrels and crates were always wooden, in Brawl they CHANGE to suit the setting. How awesome is that?

That's not all: this time they're effected by cambers in the ground, and will slide along if placed on a steep slope, providing another hazard for players to look out for in the chaotic battles.


On a less sarcastic note, the music is one feature of the game that looks set to be absolutely stunning, with a shocking list of big-name videogame composers getting involved, and you can check out more of their work on the official site - the Metroid: Ridley Boss Fight theme. All good.