Ronaldinho becmoes a Mii for Wii FIFA 08

Brazilian legend debuts on Wii as a customized character. First screens inside

FIFA 08 cover star Ronaldinho will appear in the Wii version of FIFA 08 as a customised character who will host game modes created exclusively for Wii called Footii Party with Ronaldinho.

The new mode will introduce Table Football and Shoot Off, where you can play as your Mii characters. "My character looks like he enjoys playing football and shares my passion for the game. This is important to me. Whether you are playing football on the pitch or my party games in FIFA 08 on the Wii, it should be a fun and enjoyable experience," said Ronaldinho.

"When Ronaldinho steps on to the football pitch, he plays with passion and energy. We've brought that same spirit to FIFA 08 on Wii - it is fun, high-energy entertainment the entire family can enjoy," added senior producer Tim Tschirner.


FIFA 08 is all about FreeMotion controls that, EA says, will help level the playing field for all players and turn FIFA 08 on Wii into a physical, social activity. There'll be all the usual options and standard types of gameplay and competitions to hammer your mates with too. But you'll also be able to pass, shoot, and perform trick moves with a flick of the wrist. Sounds interesting, more soon.