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Obscure II

Obscure II, the stabbingly good teen horror drama

If we made a game, we wouldn't condemn it by calling it Obscure (or Condemned, come to think of it). We'd call it Greatgame or Goodstuff: The Game. Always looking for a challenge, Hydravision have gone ahead and made ObsCure 2, the sequel to the half-decent survival horror, Obscure.

The first was sullied by some poorly thought-out PC controls and awful camera angles, but the second has hammered things into shape and is knocking out what looks to be a decent and slightly ironic take on the I Know What You Did Last Summer-style teen horror movie. They've done this, and they've managed to put a bit in where you're playing as a girl and you see her pants. That's excellent time management.


Co-op will be the game's biggest draw, allowing two players to play on one machine, combining skills to solve mysteries and push crates. Six different characters (each with, shockingly, their own abilities) are on offer, and the story begins with an allusion to casual drug use and a giant plant appearing on campus. A giant plant?

We can almost hear the, "Woah, am I trippin'?" soundbyte already. Bloody students.