Armed Assault gets first expansion

Queen's Gambit brings new story-driven campaigns and multiplayer missions. First screens inside

Bohemia Interactive and Black Element Software are developing an expansion pack for the former studio's military sim Armed Assault.

Queen's Gambit, as the expansion is named, is due Q3 2007 and features two new story-driven campaigns - Rahmadi Conflict and Royal Flush - new multiplayer missions and Final patch 1.08.

Rahmadi Conflict is described as the true conclusion to the original Armed Assault (or 'ArmA') storyline, "with enormous battles taking place within massive fortifications on the Rahmadi Island and brand new Porto Island."

Royal Flush, meanwhile, is set 18 months after the original conflict and "a group of seasoned mercenaries arrives to help the government with a sensitive matter that the army can't handle by itself any longer. However, there is something highly suspect about this job..."


As for the multiplayer missions, Urban Raid is a cooperative multiplayer scenario designed for a group of six Special Forces soldiers, while Battle of Porto is a capture and hold scenario for forty players on a new island of Porto.

Last, but by means least, Final patch 1.08 introduces "new weapons, vehicles and characters, along with a new resource management feature and gun dealers. It also brings dozens of multiplayer and technical improvements, which finally enables North American players fight on the same battlefields as the International community", explains Mr Press Release.

Check out the first screenshots from Queen's Gambit on this very page.