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WipEout Pulse

Preview: Improved, expanded and now online

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This is a new WipEout-flavoured deathmatch mode where can forget about the hassle of actually having to lead the pack and instead let your destructive tendencies take charge and blow the snot out of the other ships. We'll be putting that to the test when we get multiple copies of the game so look out for impressions on that.

Pulling away from the game itself, Sony will be launching a website soon that will let you customise the paint jobs of any of the ships using a brilliant 3D flash-based tool.

You'll be able to zoom right in on the ship and edit its shell with pixel-for-pixel accuracy, then store them on your PC for transfer to your PSP - and you'll be able to do this before the game is even released.

The site will feature a gallery to show off your works to others, a place to upload ghost ships of your best lap times, and if you access it via your PSP, all your race stats from the game will be automatically uploaded to your online profile.

Speaking of online, the game will also feature online racing too, allowing you to match up with mates in a lobby and get racing - simple but it'll do.

We're yet to see all of this online stuff in action, but the site is pencilled in for an August launch, ahead of the game's September release, and it sounds like it could set new standards for inline integration into handheld games.

WipEout Pulse is pushing the series forward in all areas. It looks great, is packed with tweaks and improvements and enough features to fill several pages in our messy notepad.

And just before we sign out for now, we know how important the banging tunes of WipEout is to some of you so, for you beat heads, we've stuck the full track list below. And some new screenshots, too. Enjoy:

WipEout Pulse track list (track name - artist):

  • Flat Out by Dopamine
  • Chemical by MoveYa! & Steve Lavers
  • Tokyo by Stanton Warriors
  • Break ya self - Wipeout mix by B Phreak & Groove Allegiance
  • Slingshot - Wipeout mix by Rennie Pilgrem & BLIM
  • X-Project (100% Pure mix) by DJ Fresh
  • Frontline by EdRush, Optical & Matrix
  • Seven Stitches by Noisia
  • Smart Systems by MIST
  • Exceeder - special mix by Mason
  • Steady Rush by Booka Shade
  • Fenix Funk 5 [wipeout edit] by Aphex Twin
  • Aero Dynamik by Kraftwerk
  • Suspicious Thoughts by Skream
  • Sea of Sound - Wipeout mix by Guy Gerber & Shlomi Aber
  • City Lights (Martin Buttich remix) PSP Cut by Loco Dice
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