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UK Manhunt ban backed by trade body ELSPA

Proves we've got an 'effective' rating system, it says

Paul Jackson, director general of UK games trade body ELSPA, has released a statement backing the BBFC ban of Manhunt 2 in the UK.

Jackson believes the BBFC's decision is proof that the UK has an effective games rating system. "A decision from the BBFC such as this demonstrates that we have a games ratings system in the UK that is effective. It shows it works and works well. Any decision the BBFC takes, it takes on the basis of its remit to rate on screen entertainment.

"The games industry is a creative phenomenon that produces all kinds of games across all kinds of genres that appeal to all kinds of people across the country, young and old, male and female. The important thing to know is that all games are rated according to age suitability, with over 70 per cent of games being available to all ages over three years."

For a better idea of why the BBFC made the move, you can read exclusive excerpts from NGamer's Wii review right here.