GTA IV adopts RPG elements

New GTA details from Turkish Xbox mag - Majora's Mask-style world events and big explosions too UPDATE: Fake?

More details on Rockstar's other, less controversial action game (who thought we'd ever be saying that?) have appeared on the net via the Turkish Official Xbox Magazine.

Among the new tid-bits in the mag, the most interesting comments describe GTA IV's new RPG elements. Apparently, missions will be more thoroughly tied-in with the events of the world. For example - and hypothetically speaking - if you're tasked with catching a train and miss it, you won't be able to do that particular mission.

It all sounds a bit Majora's Mask. Explosions are also said to make an erm, explosive return, with one mission based entirely around chain-detonating cars. Vehicles, however, only explode now when your bullseye them with a rocket launcher, rather than blowing-up via a simple car crash.

Don't forget there's a brand new trailer rolling out next week as well.

The full list of new info follows:

-There's a slight vibration with every footstep when you run

- The HUD has been removed. If you have armour, you actually have a bulletproof vest which visually deteriorates

- Flame thrower and rocket launcher are still in the game

- Niko doesn't get tired. You can run forever, it just wont be as fast as previously.

- Gore is back and better. Bullet wounds show, blood appears where you shoot people. Enemies limp if you shoot them in the leg and hold their arm if you shoot their arm. Apparently when you run someone over it's quite disturbing.

- No eating, girlfriends or keeping fit- but your skills do improve over time (driving etc)

UPDATE: It looks like the above information could in fact be a hoax. We've contacted Rockstar for comment and we'll let you know when it gets back to us.