Unreal Engine 3 Vs CryEngine 2

Competition can only be a good thing

With Crytek offering up the CryEngine 2 commercially, the engine market is heating up to boiling point. Will Crytek's entrance keep Epic and its market-leading Unreal Engine 3 on its toes?

Epic Games' VP Mark Rein doesn't like it when people say there's no competition out there. "It kills me when people say we have no competition," he says. "There are lots of different engines people use to make games. Lots of people use Gamebryo. Lots of people use their own engines. I probably get a little defensive when people say we don't have any competition. We certainly don't think that. If we had no competition why aren't half the games using Unreal?"

Developers who have signed up to use UE3 include big names like Gearbox, Silicon Knights and Realtime Worlds. Huge publishers include EA, Sony, Microsoft, NCsoft, Midway, Capcom, Square Enix, Activision, Ubisoft and THQ.

"The middleware market's a tough market," continues Rein. "I don't think we could survive as a middleware-only company. All the developers on the game projects support the engine. That's what licensees want. They want to talk to someone who's actually making a game with the technology when they have questions about how to make a game with it."

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