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Yahoo! lands exclusive GTA IV trailer

New website being prepped ready for 'Looking for That Special Someone' trailer, which won't crumble under the pressure of the internet, hopefully...

Yahoo! has revealed that it will be hosting the second GTA IV trailer on a brand new website created especially for the game.

The second trailer, dubbed Looking for That Special Someone, is due to go live on June 28. Not long now...

If, like us, you tried your hardest to watch the first trailer the minute it went live but could get anywhere near it, let's hope and prey the new Yahoo! site works a little better.

"The Grand Theft Auto site coming to Yahoo! on June 2007, features the new GTA4 trailer Looking for That Special Someone, plus all of the GTA trailers, photo galleries, gameplay movies, new characters, fan content, and most up-to-date news information about the Grand Theft Auto franchise," says the new site.

We'll have our hands on the new trailer as soon as it goes live or as soon as we can the internet to work again.