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Characters revealed in Donkey Jet update

Official site shows characters and gameplay footage

Donkey Jet, the Donkey Kong-themed Wii racer, will feature 16 characters from the long-running ape-filled series, as revealed by the latest update on the official Japanese website.

The 16 racers are split into two groups, half from the monkey family and the other half villains from the Kremlin camp. The character profile page also has four mystery characters, although two of them - Kranky Kong and King K. Rool - are easily identifiable.

The site also packs new gameplay footage demonstrating the weird control system that has you shake the Remote and Nunchuk to accelerate the jet-powered barrels - a system that's clearly derived from the bongo controller system that the game was intended to use when it was originally in development for GameCube.

It seems like a strange control method for a racing game, but we'll give it time - it might make for a sweet multiplayer hit to tie us over until the presumably immanent (but currently only rumoured) Mario Kart Wii hits.