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Virtua Fighter 5 360 - no more jaggies!

New Dojo options, tweaked AI patterns and no more jaggies!

The first confirmed info on what's actually different in the Xbox 360 version of Virtua Fighter 5 has emerged.

Apparently the 360 version of the excellent fighter sports a higher level of anti-aliasing, which for non-tech heads means the jaggies in the PS3 game will be cleaned up and it'll hopefully look even more gorgeous than it already does.

There's also revised AI patterns planned for the Xbox 360 version, taking in to account new tactics and strategies players have conjured in the PS3 and Arcade cousins. Dojo mode meanwhile, is also set to sport new options.

What isn't quite clear at the moment is whether or not the 360 version will adopt the new 'Version C' rules that have just been rolled out in Japanese arcades, to tweak character balance. The PS3 version runs on the old Version B ruleset, and part of the reason for the 360 game's delay was thought to have something to do with the new C edition. We'll see.

You can read our review of the PS3 version, which Mike's still hammering (partly because he has nothing else to play), here.