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The beautiful game gets even more so

Kick velocities, ball swerve trajectories; anything that could possibly be turned into algebra has been crammed into FIFA 08. There's a 22-page document crammed with diagrams
of wiggly lines through footballs - and that's just for shooting!

That document is why the ball now behaves so realistically. If it's caught square with the laces, it'll rocket in a straight line towards the goal, while any skew will send it curling away. You can now send Frank Lampard specials skidding low towards the goal too.

Tricks will play a bigger part in breaching defences, instead of just being showy and ineffectual. Tricks now seem to be much more organic and easier to integrate into overall play. Impressive-looking sequences can be strung together as space is sought in the middle of a packed park.


Finding that all important gap to unleash a rocket or killer pass will be more demanding than ever before. Now defenders will plug gaps more efficiently, with the whole team shifting its formation on the fly.

If it does all go a bit wobbly, you'll be able to switch to manual control of your keeper by pressing R3. This is especially useful during freekicks, as you'll be able to cover the bits of the goalmouth left unguarded by your wall, and when you've been caught on the hop by a quick counter.

Also rejigged is the way through passes and crosses are performed. Now they're completely manual, so your timing and placing of passes needs to be spot on - but when you crack it, the effect promises to be mighty satisfying.